Livin’ Lake Simcoe

Livin’ Lake Simcoe is the brainchild of entrepreneur Joanie Cameron Pritchett. Foremost, she wanted an attractive site that would show off a wide range of products, featured on the Shop [...]

PPWC Local 9

PPWC Local 9 represents workers in Prince George, British Columbia. Based on the other websites I designed for the PPWC, Local 9 wanted something similar. I used a lot of photos and background [...]

Matthew Brett

Matt is a freelance writer and researcher from Montreal. He wanted a new website that was more of a blog than a business site. I provided a design that was both artistic but minimal, one which he [...]

Libor Physiotherapy

Libor Divilek has nearly thirty years of experience as a top-level physiotherapist, and he wanted me to highlight that in both the website and his social media. I also aimed to illustrate the [...]

Balasunderam Law Office

Sathish Balasunderam is a highly skilled legal expert in a variety of areas, and I wanted to focus on that with this website design. The site is one of the largest I’ve created, and [...]

Donais Mediation and Arbitrations

Working as a lawyer/mediator/investigator for the last 25 years, primarily in the area of workplace conflict management, Blaie Donais has extensive experience with both unionized and [...]

Brock University Faculty Association

The Brock University Staff Association (BUFA) has a proud history, and is a bottom up, democratic organization based on rank and file control. BUFA wanted a lot of resources on the website, and I [...]