Social media 3.0 in a 2.0 world

For any organization, labour union or not-for-profit group who want to stay relevant, the use of social media is an absolute necessity in today’s world. Internet forums, weblogs, Facebook pages and posts, Tweets, wikis, newsletters and online videos are just some of the ways businesses and organizations get their messages across and raise their profile.

The statistics are remarkable. Social networking accounts for almost one quarter of all time spent online. Twitter processes more than 500 million tweets per day. Facebook has over two billion users. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and 5 billion videos are watched on the site every single day.

We have recently seen young people and activists use social media to overcome oppression and injustice in the struggle for greater democracy and freedom. Yet far too many progressive groups and labour unions still lag far behind in this area – and are paying the price.

For over a decade, I have provided social media services to a variety of individuals and organizations online, including content and design support on websites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and many others.

So what are you waiting for? The world is waiting to hear from you.

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