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● Estimated number of housing units currently being constructed in Toronto: 100,000
● Of these, number that are publicly funded, social housing units for low income residents: 1,641
● Number of Torontonians who utilize the City-administered homeless shelter system each year: 17,500
● Number of Canadian Armed Forces personnel who have died in combat in Afghanistan since 2002: 158
● Number who have committed suicide since 2002: 178
● Number of people killed in Iraq this year by the IS (Islamic State): 5,576
● Number of people killed in Mexico last year by drug cartels: 16,736
● Percentage of U.S. workers making less than $10 an hour who are teenagers: 12
● Average age of a U.S. worker making less than $10 an hour: 34.9
● Percentage of privately-owned business in Quebec that are still in operation ten years after their founding: 20
● Percentage of worker-owned cooperatives in Quebec that are: 44
● Number of consecutive years that global temperatures have been above average: 38
● Carbon dioxide parts per million in the atmosphere during the early 19th century: 280
● Carbon dioxide parts per million in the atmosphere today: 397
● Estimated number of years ago that carbon dioxide concentrations were this high: 20 million
● Maximum carbon dioxide parts per million concentration that is deemed “environmentally safe”: 350
● Year in which a First Nations hockey player first played in the National Hockey League: 1954
● Percentage of workers in Canada covered by a collective agreement: 32
● Percentage of workers in Sweden who are: 91
● Current unemployment rate in Greece: 26
● Percentage of Greek citizens who believe that “their life is worthwhile”: 48
● Population of the British Virgin Islands: 32,600
● Number of global corporations who are registered in the British Virgin Islands: 459,000
● Number of financial records these corporations are mandated by the government to keep on file: 0
● Estimated number of First Nations children in Canada who died while attending residential schools since 1870: 4,000
● Latest year that First Nations children attended residential schools: 1996
● Percentage of Canadians who say they have personally witnessed at least one racist incident in the past year: 31
● Total revenue generated from the “Head Tax” on Chinese immigrants from 1885 to 1923, in 2014 dollars: $308 million
● Amount the “Head Tax” cost each Chinese immigrant in 1920, in 2014 dollars: $5,386
● Year in which the federal government made an official apology to the Chinese Canadian community: 2006
● Proof of funds required for an immigrant with one family member to apply for a Canadian work permit from abroad: $11,824
● Average number of Tweets sent each day in the United Kingdom that contain racist language: 14,100
● Average percentage of net income of modest-income, single parent families in Canada spent on child care: 48
● Annual amount that the Provincial Government of Quebec spends on its $7-a-day, public child care program: $2.2 billion
● Annual additional economic output from jobs created by the program by allowing more parents to work fulltime: $3.85 billion
● Percentage of union members in Canada who believe that “the labour movement is under assault”: 79
● Percentage of non-union members in Canada who believe this: 51
● Price of one “Frozen Haute Chocolate” dessert from the Knipschildt Chocolatier shop in Norwalk, Connecticut: $25,000
● Number of British citizens who were imprisoned last year for failing to buy a television licence: 50

Our Times Tally is written by union communications and media consultant Sean Cain (

SOURCES: 100,000 – Reuters News Agency (October 13, 2014); 1,641, 17,500 – City of Toronto Shelter, Support and Housing Administration (Housing Stability Planning Framework); 158, 178 – Department of National Defence; 5,576 – United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights; 16,736 – Mexican Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP); 12, 34.9 – Center for Economic Policy and Research; 20, 44 – Quebec Ministry of Economic Development, Innovation and Export (Survival Rate of Co-operatives in Québec, 2008); 38 – U.S. National Climatic Data Center (September 2014); 280, 397 – U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (2014); 20 million, 350 – United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; 1954 – CBC Radio (August 2012); 32, 91 – Institutional Characteristics of Trade Unions, Wage Setting, State Intervention and Social Pacts Database; 26, 48 – Hellenic Statistical Authority; 32,600 – CIA World Factbook; 459,000 – British Virgin Islands Services Commission; 0 – Canadian for Tax Fairness; 4,000, 1996 – Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada; 31 – Leger Marketing; $308 million – Jean-Claude Robert (Université du Québec à Montréal); $5,386, 2006 – Chinese Canadian National Council; $11,824 – Citizenship and Immigration Canada; 14,100 – DEMOS (Anti-Social Media, February 2014); 48 – Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development; $2.2 billion – Globe and Mail (October 2013); $3.85 billion – Pierre Fortin (University du Québec à Montréal); 79, 51 – Forum Research Poll (August 2014); $25,000 – Reuters News Service; 50 – The Guardian (September 24, 2014).
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