Our Times Tally, Volume 38 – July 2017

● Percentage of Canadians who believe they are “as nice as the world thinks we are”: 66 ● Percentage who believe they are “even nicer”: 12 ● Percentage of Canadians who say “there are too many immigrants coming to Canada”: 46 ● Percentage of Canadians who say the country’s security is “under threat” because of […]

Our Times Tally, Volume 37 – April 2017

● Number of people who attended Donald Trump’s Presidential inauguration on January 20: 160,000 ● Number of people who attended the 2017 Women’s March in Washington, D.C. a day later: 470,000 ● Additional income attained by Canadian women each week from working in a unionized workplace: $574 million ● Percentage of people quoted in news […]

Our Times Tally, Volume 29 – November 2014

● Estimated number of housing units currently being constructed in Toronto: 100,000 ● Of these, number that are publicly funded, social housing units for low income residents: 1,641 ● Number of Torontonians who utilize the City-administered homeless shelter system each year: 17,500 ● Number of Canadian Armed Forces personnel who have died in combat in […]

Our Times Tally, Volume 27 – May 2014

● Percentage of workers globally who belong to a union: 7 ● Percentage of workers globally who believe they have “access to a union” or that access to a union is “easy to achieve”: 64 ● Number of children globally engaged in hazardous labour that threatens their “health, safety and development”: 85 million ● Amount […]

Our Times Tally, Volume 22 – April 2013

● Additional revenue raised each year if federal corporate taxes were at the same rate they were in 2007: $8 billion ● Annual cost of lifting all low-income seniors in Canada above the official poverty line: $1.4 billion ● Amount of legal costs currently faced by the Canadian government from NAFTA-based corporate lawsuits: $2.5 billion […]

Our Times Tally, Volume 18 – July 2012

● Year in which Canada signed a UN declaration stating “higher education shall be made equally accessible to all”: 1976 ● Between February and June 2012, number of student protest-related arrests made in Quebec: 2,500 ● Number of arrests made in Quebec after the implementation of the War Measures Act during the 1970 October Crisis: […]

Our Times Tally, Volume 15 – August 2011

● Number of Canadian newspapers that officially endorsed the Conservative Party during the 2011 federal election: 28 ● Number that officially endorsed the NDP, Liberal Party, Green Party and Bloc Quebecois combined: 3 ● Percentage of Canadians aged 18 to 29 who have downloaded music without paying for it: 78 ● Percentage of Canadians over […]

Our Times Tally, Volume 14 – June 2011

● Year in which Beatrice Webb first coined the term “collective bargaining”: 1891 ● Percentage of Canadians who believe that “poor people still have it pretty good”: 37 ● Percentage who believe that people are poor because they have “lower moral values”: 28 ● Fall in average housing prices in the United States between 1928 […]

Our Times Tally, Volume 12 – January 2011

● Number of Canadians who are officially unemployed: 1.4 million ● Number of net jobs added to the Canadian economy in October 2010: 3,000 ● Percentage of Canadians who currently “expect the economy to improve”: 18 ● Percentage of Americans who disapproved of interracial marriage in 1968: 73 ● Percentage who disapprove of legal recognition […]

Our Times Tally, Volume 9 – April 2010

● Chance that an unemployed person in Canada today isn’t collecting employment insurance benefits: 1 in 2 ● Number of Canadians who are living in substandard housing that requires “minor or major repairs”: 3.3 million ● Percentage of housing investments promised by the federal government during the past 15 months that have been spent: 3 […]

Our Times Tally, Volume 5 – June 2009

● Percentage of Canadians who believe that unions “effectively improve salaries and working conditions for workers”: 78 ● Percentage change in the number of people using food banks in Ontario since 2001: +15 ● Estimated number of refugee claims the Canadian Department of Immigration will accept in 2009: 11,200 ● Average annual number of refugee […]

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